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And now, the journal dedicated to the child singlehandedly responsible for the world's diaper toxicity crisis: Mr. "Where else would you like me to put it?" -Isaiah

Today's Entry: Back in the saddle again

2008-02-12 - 10:25 p.m.

I am back from my trip to Trujillo, Peru, just got in last night. It was hot there, and the shock of returning to an ice storm has yet to wear off. I'm also back--in an even more important sense--to the business of this page. There appears to have been serious neglect of regular updates to our Diaryland entries--no excuses for it, just neglect. It's embarrasing when you think it may be the only portal of contact for both sides of Jack's biological family. Speaking of which...Happy Birthday to you, Brittney. Hope your special day went well and you celebrated safely!

Jack made a pizza with Brenda tonight. Stabbing the dough with a fork made the process much more down the lines of what he finds interesting. I also taught him how to make Tequenos--a won-ton wrapped queso fresco that's deep fried and tastes great with a spicy guac. The missionary guys took me out to their favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Trujillo for superbowl last week and introduced me to the restaurant's signature appetizer. It made the Giants' win that much more pleasurable!

Here's Jack tonight and the ice outside our window.


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