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And now, the journal dedicated to the child singlehandedly responsible for the world's diaper toxicity crisis: Mr. "Where else would you like me to put it?" -Isaiah

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2009-02-12 - 10:28 p.m.

Here's Jack wishing you a happy birthday, Brittney. Although it's a few months old, this photo is one of our favorites taken of him during our recent trip. I think he believed Windsor Castle was his. In his opinion, it's just on loan to Elizabeth and the kids till he reaches maturity, then Jack wants it back!

Oops. Diaryland tells me I'm at 197% of my allowed photos. Won't let me upload it. :(

Also wanted to let you know Brenda and I facebook under our names. If you are so inclined, we would be delighted to have you access our family wall. We keep a lot of pictures and videos of Jack posted. Just ask to be friends using an account with your middle name only so that you remain annonymous and we'll accept! P.S. Brenda's is a lot better than mine.


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