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Today's Entry: Mexico Orphanage trip

2006-11-23 - 10:02 p.m.

We’re back. For a couple weeks in early November, Brenda, the kids, and I went on a vacation to Monterrey, Mexico. Since we’ve returned, making up the call days I missed has consumed every spare minute I’ve had. Although Becky and Matrix did twelve of my deliveries while I was gone, there were still over thirty left coming due within the next few weeks. So, it came as no surprise that my week has been overwhelmingly busy. I have attended so many labors and births in the past nine days (20), that I find myself involuntarily bearing down any time I heard someone on Sesame Street counting to ten.

Our ‘vacation’ in Monterrey was one of our greatest family adventures to date. We spent nearly two weeks working at an orphanage in the outskirts of the city. After driving nearly twenty hours to get there, we had to negotiate insane Mexican traffic to finally get to the children’s home. I had told Brenda that I needed to get away from being a doctor and did not want to do any clinical work while I was there. So Nathan and I spent every day rebuilding and repairing the orphanage’s playground and putting in new locks and light fixtures. Brenda worked in the kitchen helping feed the nearly eighty-five children that received pitifully small meals by our standards. Nathan looked aghast at how small the plates were that held a little rice, beans, and a pinch of lettuce. He can put away five Taco Bell burritos at a sitting and still ask for more. This was an eye-opening experience for all the kids.

Kelsey was in her element. She moved in with fifteen little girls ages 4-11 and was primarily responsible for getting them ready for school, bathing, dressing, and entertaining them. They became inseparable, and it became hard to get her to leave for a brief dinner with us every evening. She became so attached to them that she made us memorize their names: Alondra, Alejandra, Beatriz, Berenice, Cindi, Daniela, Elisa, Estefani, Esmeralda, Italivi, Marlen, Magali, Rocio, Sara, and whatshername. The constant interaction with them dramatically improved her Spanish. She came away even more convinced she wanted to work with abandoned or orphan kids as her life work. She never ceases to amaze me. I am so proud of her.

Jack, on the other hand, had a true vacation. He not only had his family’s attention for most of the day, he also got to play on the newly rebuilt playground equipment with a crowd of new friends. He did so well in his own reserved way. Elijah with his complete lack of fear, launched himself into caring for the little boys, and quickly became the favored “Elias” everyone knew. He could be found with a crowd of little kids hanging on to him everywhere he went.

Here are a few shots of the place and our trip back through Texas. Good to be home! Doug


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